What’s your favourite drugstore brand?

Ask me what my favourite drugstore beauty brand is and without hesitation I will always say Makeup Revolution followed by NYX. MUR is known for creating amazing dupes at affordable prices and no doubt the quality in the products are always good.

My Brother and Sister-In-Law bought me the MUR lipstick gift set for Christmas which contains 20 different styles and shades, some of the lipsticks have been around for a few years now but I am so grateful to be able to play around with and try these beautiful shades, some of which are now favourites of mine. I decided to test them all and write my thoughts below.

Diamond Life


Diamond life is in the popular Rose Gold collection which are £3 each when purchased seperately. It’s a dark red with purple colour and I personally love this one. The texture is thick and creamy from this range and the pigment of this shade is lovely. I don’t normally wear dark colours but since trying this shade I’ve been happy to wear this more often.

No Perfection Yet


No Perfection Yet is part of the Iconic Pro range of lipsticks with MUR. These sets seem to be very popular and I can see why, the texture is quite creamy and the colour is intense. This shade is a beautiful dark pink and I also found that this range seems to have a lovely smell to them too.



The Ultra Amplification range has five lovely shades and Deepen is the dark purple one. The texture of the Ultra Amplications is creamy, comfortable to wear with a quite intense pigment once applied. The only thing against this range which I will say is that I had to keep topping up the colour throughout the day, however for £3 each to buy I was expecting that.



I love nude colours as I always find they suit me better than a bright colour, or maybe it’s because I always wear nudes and now just used to them lol! The wishful colour is part of the Iconic Matte Nude Revolution set which comes in rose gold packaging (cute!). The colour is the perfect nude, not too light and just a lovely shade that will go with anything. The texture is creamy and feels nice and soft once applied on the lips.



Another shade from the Ultra Amplification range is Amplify. This shade is a pinky purple colour and is really bright. I personally think this colour would look amazing in summer with a nice tan.


The Iconic Matte Nude Revolution set has another beautiful shade with Lust. I want to save this one for summer as again with a tan this would really stand out. I honestly love this shade so much, it’s a coral nude shade that I see myself wearing loads.



A beautiful dark purple shade from the Iconic Pro Lipstick set is Liberty. As I have mentioned before, I’m not a huge fan of dark, bold colours but I can see this shade being a really lovely Autumn colour. The texture is creamy and an amazing pigment.

Girls Best Friend in Matte


I’ve fallen in love with this lipstick. Girls Best Friend is bright pink, strong pigment and matte… what more could you want?!

It Eats You Up


It Eats You Up is from the Iconic Pro set and is a bright pink. I see this suiting a lot better once I have a tan back but I know I would wear this quite a bit in summer.



Nudes are my favoutires and this is no exception. I think this shade Expose is very similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Kim K.W lipstick I have, just at a much cheaper price.

Members Club in Matte


Warning, this is a bold shade! I feel with black and dark shades like this one, only a few people manage to carry them off without looking washed out. I generally am not sure if this shade Members Club suits me but I will try it again once I have my tan back. The colour is stunning and even if the shade doesn’t end up suiting me as a general lipstick, I can imagine using this for Halloween looks. The pigment and texture of this matte lipstick is perfect however.

Private Members Club


This is exactly the same as the Matte Private Members Club but in the Iconic Pro set. It really is a beautiful colour that I am hoping I can pull off.



A stunning red in the Iconic Pro range. Propoganda is creamy, lovely pigment and soft on the lips. it’s just perfect.



Tenacious is a beautiful red nude colour  from the Ultra Amplification that again I see myself wearing a lot. As mentioned before these do tend to wear off so will need to reapply throughout the day.

Girls Best Friend


Girls Best Friend is that stunning pink from the Matte set in the Rose Gold collection. It’s seriously such a beautiful shade.



Inspiration is a brown nude shade that’s absolutely stunning on and long wearing too. I’m starting to really love the Inconic Matte Nude sets.



A dark red from the Ultra Amplication Set. I do love a dark red lip to wear for evening looks and can see Flaming  becoming a regular.



You can’t have a set of lipsticks without a bright red. Duel is a member of the Iconic Pro family and honestly the smell of this set is gorgeous. It’s basically a coconut summery smell?



This colour Activate has been my ‘go to’ shade since I received the set. As you know now, I love nude colours as you can mix and match them with almost any outfits. The Activate colour is a brown nude which is my Holy Grail of nudes. The texture is creamy and the pigment is good. I do need to top this up as the day goes on though,  so keep that in mind with the Ultra Amplification set.



The last shade in Iconic Matte Nudes and of this complete set. Inclanation is a dark nude with creamy texture and good pigment. You can’t go wrong with this one.

This set was from the Christmas Gift Set range at Superdrug, I believe it was around £30 and came in a large Revolution bag, however you can purchase almost all of these colours individually for around £3 each. Which shade would be your favourite?



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