Not Another Makeup Brush Set

Who else ends up purchasing set after set of makeup brushes because of how beautiful they look? It’s honestly a habit that I need to stop as I swear I have too many from Spectrum, Morphe, Zoeva, Nyx, Real Techniques and now Iconic London.

This set was free when you ordered anything over £100 (I think) from Iconic Londons website over Black Friday. I ordered the ‘Girl About Town’ Advent calendar as they had the full size products in the calendar and it was half price (amazing!) and the Cream and Gold eyeshadow brush set (£39.99 on website) which was also half price.

The products were delivered within a few days and the free brush set was placed in this really nice Black faux leather makeup bag with Rose Gold detailing. I had already started using the eyeshadow set which I highly recommend by the way but I hadn’t touched this brush set yet since receiving them so thought I would try them.



The Set

There are 8 brushes in the set, this includes :
* Large powder brush
* Fan brush
* Foundation buffer
* Angled contour
* Angled blush
* Fluffy tapered
* Flat foundation
* Concealer blending

Large Powder Brush


The Large Powder brush is gorgeous, beautifully soft and fluffy. The brush feels lovely on my skin and applies my powder really well.

Fan Brush


The Fan Brush is the perfect brush for highlighting the high points of your face. I can’t put into words how soft and fluffy this brush is.

Foundation Buffer


This brush is used to blend and buff your foundation into the skin to give you that flawless look. I used to use the Real Technique one before I had this but now using the RT one vs this Ionic London one I can tell this is a lot softer and gives an overall better look.

Angled Contour Brush


The brush to use for contouring. It’s a really soft brush and gives a lovely contour finish, however it is a little too large compared to my usual Spectrum brush I use so I think I’m going to save this brush for a more softer contour instead of a defined look.

Angled Blush Brush


Trying to say this out loud is funny lol but this brush is used for the apples of your cheeks for a lovely natural blush.

Fluffy Tapered Brush


This is a lovely brush to apply powder to highlight the face with. It’s extremely soft and feels nice on my skin.

Flat Foundation Brush


I personally don’t use brushes for my foundation and use a damp Beauty Blender instead however I did try this brush and to be honest I did like how my foundation looked. I probably wouldn’t use it all the time as I do prefer how a Beauty Blender just makes foundation look flawless as sometimes you can get brush strokes. A good idea I might try is to apply with this brush first then blend with the blender. What do you prefer to use? Let me know in the comments.

Concealer Blending Brush


Look how soft this brush is! The Concealer Blending brush is used to apply and blend concealer and to hide those imperfections. Just like the foundation I normally apply my concealer with a small Beauty Blender and dab the product onto my skin but this brush seems to be just as good.

The set altogether was around £55 – £60 (I got it for free in the deal so not 100% sure and they have since updated their brush set to a £59.99 version). Iconic London’s brushes are cruelty free and 100% vegan too made from synthetic hair.

The brushes seemed soft and fluffy on my face which is nice as I hate when brushes feel too hard. The makeup product didn’t seem to feel like it was getting stuck on the brushes and actually felt like enough was being passed onto my skin. Don’t you just hate when more product ends up on the brush than on your face?

To clean the brushes, iconic recommend using their cleansing brush spray which is £12.99 and advise to not clean them with water however I’m sure you can find a cheaper cleansing spray that does the job as I feel the price of the spray might be too much.

How To Clean

* Spray cleansing spray onto the brush hairs
* Gently massage in circular motions onto a towel or tissue
* Keep cleaning the brush until no more dirt comes off the towel or tissue
* Do not put in water, re-shape the brush if needed when finished.
* Leave to dry for a couple of minutes and the brush will be cleaned, conditioned and read to use.

There is a new set available in this colour or cream and gold or you can purchase the Ultimate Brush Set for £75 which is a rose gold chrome colour with a point on the end and features 12 brushes. After how these brushes feel I am seriously thinking about purchasing the Ultimate ones…


Here is everything else I ordered during the Black Friday deal, the Girl About Town advent calendar worth £250, retail price £150:

* Full size illuminator in the shade Glow,
* A full size strobing stick in the shade original,
* A Fan brush (identical to the one in the set),
* A full size highlight and bronzing palette,
* The Iconic primer,
* Silk Lashes in Fabulous.
* Lip Liner in shade Guava,
* Invisable Waterproof Lip Liner,
* Mink Pink liquid lipstick ,
* A pretty makeup bag in a Pink colour,
* A fluffy Blusher brush
* And a Evo Brush


And the Eyeshadow Brush Set that comes with the following 7 brushes:

* Large Shader Brush
* Eye Shader
* Medium Angled Shader
* Tapered Blending Brush
* Pencil Brush
* Small Angled Brush
* Eyeliner Brush
* Cream makeup bag with Gold detailing



I would love to know what your favourite brand of brushes are!




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