Conceal & Define, You’re Mine!

THE concealer everyone is talking about at the moment is the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define, why is it so popular? well it’s £4 and people have claimed it to be the best ever. The concealer is available in 18 different shades for all skin tones which is a big plus as well as being able to use for contour, this concealer sounded like the answers to our prayers!

So after a few beauty vloggers recommending this product it was hard to track down, it was sold out in Superdrug online and Tam beauty in the shades I needed I had doubt that I would be able to try and love it like so many people had been.

One weekend afternoon I decided to go into my local town to purchase a few palettes I wanted and thought I would check to see if the concealer is in stock while I’m there. Luckily there are two Superdrug’s in my town so I had Some luck. The first Superdrug I went to which is the larger of the two had completely sold out in the shades from C1-C8 which was frustrating. I checked online and again it was all sold out.. damn! I thought I would try one more time so I walked to the high street one which was smaller, I knew this was a risk as smaller stores might not even have the stock, but to my surprise there it was in the shades C3, C4 and C5. The testers weren’t out so I just had to look at the packaging. I chose to go for the C3 as a Brightening concealer and contour and C4 for my skin shade and concealer, I thought if the shade was too light I could just build over it. I didn’t want to purchase a dark shade to contour with as I find dark shade cream contours can make me look a little grey toned so I usually use powder.



Shade C3 with Flash camera and without.



Shade C4 with Flash camera and without.

As soon I got back home I wanted to swatch the shades and could tell by the thickness that it will be good coverage. I currently use NARS in shade Custard or the NYX HD concealer in CW05 Medium, which I sometimes find to be a bit patchy after putting translucent powder over. This MUR one is apparently supposed to be identical to the Tarte shape tape concealer which is around £30 including delivery however I haven’t tried this product so I am unable to compare.



With flash and without flash Camera L-R C4 and C3

A good inclination of coverage for me personally when testing foundations or concealers is how well they cover my tattoo on my wrist. I tested both shades separately and can see that the C4 covered my tattoo really well. The c3 is too light so shadow of my tattoo was slightly being shown.




A few images of Shade C4 on my tattoo. 

I then applied C4 to my under eye. I noticed straight away that the product is extremely soft as i’m applying to the skin and the applicator is big enough to hold enough product so you won’t need to keep putting the applicator back in the tube for more. It felt like it was full coverage on my face but also light weight and gave me a dewy look. I have dry to medium skin and sometimes full coverage mattifies and no matter how much I bake with powder the concealer will go into the fine lines under my eyes. This concealer just feels nice and lightweight and when I applied my powder it didn’t go patchy or show crease marks that can look ‘caked’ which some concealers have done in the past.. I literally fell in love. The only annoying thing is that the shade C4 was slightly too light for my face, it wasn’t noticeable as it just looked like a brightening colour. Hopefully next time I go to the store most of the colours and testers will be there so I can find my perfect shade.

I wanted to do a 12 hour test during a weekday to see how well it lasted. I went to work all day, had a work out, went to the shops to grab a few things and where I hadn’t been well I had tired grey under eyes.

After 12 hours The concealer just stayed in place and didn’t show my tired eyes. There was no patches or fine lines showing and it still felt lightweight on my skin.



I love how bright my undereyes look! My skin looks slightly pixeled because of my selfie light, sorry! I need to purchase a better camera so I can show in detail as this is taken on my phone.

When I heard the reviews you are never sure if they are genuine or just a hype but luckily for £4 it’s worth trying. Concealers are a hit or miss with me as my skin seems to either look dewy or just caked lol There’s no in between but this concealer is now going to be a regular as it really is an amazing product! I might even try contouring with the darker shades too and see how it goes.

Makeup Revolution have delivered again!



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