”A Woman’s Perfume Tells More About Her Than Her Handwriting” – Christian Dior

What a way to add instant confidence with one simple spritz of your favourite perfume. Do you have a particular scent you prefer?  It could be floral or a musk smell but everyone will have their top 5 ‘go to’ scents. This was hard to narrow down since I have about 10 scents I always buy or smell when I go into the department stores but I managed to choose my favourites.

5. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique


 As you can see from the picture my bottle has almost run out. This is one of the scents I’ve been wearing since I was 16 and I just love how strong it is. I have a feeling this will be a classic for me for years. The packaging is in a silver tin with Jean Paul Gaultier written on the front. The bottle is a woman’s figure with sexy corset underwear faintly painted on.

Released: 1993.

The Scent

Top Notes: Anise, orange blossom and tangerine

Heart Notes: Ginger, orchid and ylang-ylang

Base Notes: Vanilla, musk and amber

This perfume is part of the Oriental Floral fragrance family

Retail Price: The price can range from £48 to £85 wherever you buy from and depending on the size you purchase. However as of today the cheapest place you can purchase is: for £48 for a 50ml bottle or £69 from Argos for a 100ml.

4. Valentino Valentina


I’m in love, being Italian I had to feature an Italian make somewhere lol!. Floral, strong, gorgeous. I like how the bottle has pretty flowers on it and just looks beautiful. The scent is strong but isn’t too overpowering so it’s perfect for a day time perfume too. I have so many compliments when I wear this. The packaging arrives in a white box with flowers on the front and Valentina written in a box, the colours are all pastel pinks, creams and white and looks really pretty. The bottle is glass with a pastel flower on the front, I have a small bottle which is why there is only one flower but the larger bottles have more on the front.

Released: 2011.

The Scent

Top notes: Calabrian bergamot, alba truffle,

Heart Notes: Amalfi orange blossom, wild strawberry

Base Notes: Cedarwood, Amber

This scent is part of the White Flora family.

Retail Price: This perfume ranges from £55 – £70, however you can currently buy this on The Perfume Shop for £47 for a 50ml bottle.

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy Original


You couldn’t have a perfume list without at least one Marc Jacobs perfume featured. This was a tough choice between the original daisy or Decadence (the handbag one) but this is a scent I’ve been wearing for years so it just had to make it on my list. It’s beautiful and I just feel amazing when I have it on. The scent is a floral woody smell and perfect for everyday or evening. The Marc Jacobs Daisy box is black with daisy’s boarderd around the outside and Daisy Marc Jacobs on the front middle in a gold font. The perfume bottle is glass with the Daisy Marc Jacobs written on the front and the lid is three beautiful white daisies made from plastic with gold.

Released: 2007.

The Scent

Top Note: Blood grapefruit, wild strawberry and violet leaf

Heart Note: Gardenia, jasmine, violet

Base Note: Musk, vanilla and white wood.

This scent is part of the Floral fragrance family

Retail Price: The Marc Jacobs Daisy ranges from £45 – £55. You can purchase on feelunique for £44.95 for a 50ml or £60 for a 100ml

2. YSL Black Opium


Classy is the only way to describe this scent. The YSL Black Opium is such a gorgeous smell. I’m forever getting compliments and asked what I’m wearing when I have it on. The main ingredient used in this scent is coffee and that’s one thing I abosultely love. The box the perfume comes in is black and metallic pink with Black Opium written on the front in the pink writing, the YSL logo is faintly behind in a glittery black font. The bottle is a gorgeous black glitter with a hole in the middle where you can see the pink perfume and Black Opium written on it. The Yves Saint Laurent logo is printed around the lid of the bottle at the top.

Released: 2014

The Scent

Top Note: Black coffee, mandarine, bergamot

Heart Note: Tuberose, jasmin sambac, orange blossom

Base Notes: Vanilla, white musk, cashmeran

This perfume is part of the Oriental Floral fragrance family

Retail Price: Depending on where you shop, a 30ml bottle of this will cost you around £50 – £55. Feelunique again came in cheapest at £42.45

1.Chanel Coco Mademoiselle


My all time favourite scent is the Chanel Cocol Mademoiselle. This is the scent most people will know me by as I’m obsessed with it. It’s girly, classy, fun and has a strong scent, just perfect. When I first recognised this scent back in 2011 I just knew it would forever be my favourite and I’ve worn it ever since. Last year I ran out of it in summer and was trying to find cheaper alternatives to save me some money but I just didn’t feel myself without it. I’m so glad I have another bottle now lol! The box this perfume comes in is a classic Chanel plain white with gold boarders, coco mademoiselle and Chanel are written in black on the front, The perfume bottle again is the classic chanel, glass with the box on the front. The lid is misted and the chanel logo is around the top on a beautiful white background.

Released:  Spring 2001.

The Scent

Top Note: Orange, bergamot, grapefruit

Heart Note: Rose, Italian jasmine, lychee

Base Note: Patchouli, vetiver, bourbon, vanilla, white musk

This scent is part of the Floral fragrance family

Retail Price: Depending on if you purchase a 35ml to 100ml you are looking around £55 – £90, I normally purchase a 50ml from Debenhams for £74.

One thing I have noticed when picking my favourite scents is that I seem to like Orange blossom and vanilla. Other perfumes I really love but didn’t make my list are: Tom Ford Black Orchid, Jimmy Choo, Dior Miss Dior, Lancome La Vie Est Belle, Micheal Kors Wonderlust, and Victoria Secret Winter Bombshell (which you can’t buy anymore as it was a winter special, however I do love the original bombshell too).

What’s your favourite perfume?


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