Soph X Palette With Makeup Revolution

I promise you I’ll lay off MUR soon but I recently went on a shopping haul with Superdrug and bought so much Makeup Revolution stuff I had wanted!

SophDoesNails is a YouTube beauty blogger from England who I’ve been watching for a while now, she’s honest in her reviews and her makeup looks are amazing. She was lucky enough to be able to team up with MUR to create an eyeshadow palette and highlight palette. Imagine how amazing that would be by the way, to be able to create your own palette with such a big brand and see your name in shops, what an amazing achievement! After seeing a few reviews and lusting over the beautiful colours she has in the eyeshadow palette, I wanted to try it myself.

I ask myself a million times if I really need another eyeshadow palette while having them in my basket online or holding them in stores and the answer is always yes! There might be ten colours in a palette that I already have similar ones too but they’ll always be that one shade I want haha! Does anyone else do this?


The outside of the packaging is stunning a soft peach pink watercolour pattern with her writing in a rose gold metallic font and rose gold metallic splashes which I assume are meant to be paint splashes, really girly and pretty. To be honest the palette itself isn’t as pretty, it’s quite plain and it does look a little bit plastic. The nude peach colour of the palette is the same colour as one of Makeup Revolutions concealers that she apparently loves. As always with Makeup Revolution palettes it’s a struggle to open the case and because it is matte nude I think the palette will get dirty quite easily. I just wish she did the same colour on the palette that the box is instead of an all over nude pink as the box is really pretty.

One thing that I really do love is the fact it has a large mirror which is the size of the palette, perfect for taking this on the go especially as MUR don’t normally have mirrors in their palettes.


Once I had opened the palette I read the names she had chosen for each shade and honestly they are adorable. I saw a video on the reasons why she chose those names and I think it’s nice she kept it personal to herself. I’m also a massive fan of the fact she named one of them Rosewood after one of her’s (and mine) favourite tv show Pretty Little Liars lol!

A few colours really stood out to me,
* Peaches as I love Coral Peachy shades and it looks beautiful
* Sparks Fly is a copper shimmer colour and I’m just obsessed with copper to be honest.
* Festive Flame is again a shimmer colour in a red tone
* Fairy Lights has such a cute name but also a colour I can imagine will look nice for a cut crease as it has a slight shimmer

The easiest way for me to swatch these was by each row, there are 4 rows of 6. This is from the top row first.


L-R Cuppa Tea, Iced Coffee, Pink Champagne, Fairy Lights, Pancakes and Penguin. As you can see a few of these shades are made to be transition colours so for one application the pigment isn’t that strong. Once built up I’m sure they’ll be really lovely and they look like they’ll mix with the colours in this palette nicely. My favourite on this row is still Fairy Lights, it’s such a gorgeous colour that I know I’m going to be using quite alot. The Pink Champagne is beautiful too.

B3C0A31A-3142-45D2-BBF5-0C271C9C96DDL-R Peaches, Tiramisu, Mixed Berries, Smokey Bronze, Sparks Fly, Grow Old. This row seems to mostly be shimmers and metallics which I am loving, can we just appreciate the ‘Mixed Berries’ shade, it’s beautiful!! This is all just with one swipe and look how pigmented the colours are. I’m also in love with the ‘Grow Old’ shade.

L-R Danger, Pug, Petrol, Pine Tree, Pumpkin, Cloudberry. My favourite in this row has got to be ‘Pine Tree’ with the metallic shimmer khaki green shade, I have greeny blue eyes (they weirdly change colour in different lights) so I can see that shade actually suiting me. Another colour I am surprised at is ‘Petrol’, when you look at it in the palette it seems to be a shimmer blue but applied it’s really stunning, almost a mermaid colour.

L-R Nightmare, Rosewood, Mug Cake, Copper Coin, Festive Flame, Strawberry Sweets. This row seems to be the dark shades and the Festive Flame is just as lovely as I thought it would be, in her video about this palette she mentions that the dark shades can also be used for eyebrows too and I actually think Rosewood might work for a natural brow, I will definately try it.

As you can tell by these swatches which are all just one application is that there are a few really nice pigmented metallic shades, unfortunately the nude transition shades do not show as well on my arm but they still work really nicely on the lid.


Application of the eyeshadows have been really easy, I haven’t had to go over too many shades and there’s been hardly no fall out either. The metallic shimmers really stand out and create a beautiful look.

Would I Recommend?

Yes, I absolutely would recommend this palette. For £10 the colours and pigment are really good. The petrol shade in particular when looking at it, looks really blue but actually when you apply it’s a green, brown and blue metallic shade that just screams mermaid vibes. I feel you can create many looks with this palette as there is a variety of different tones and colours. My only negativity as said before is just the palette itself looks a bit plastic and that I wish the colour names were written on the box or palette as I somehow loose the name sheets.

Have you tried this palette and if you have what did you think?


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