Get Your Dupe On.

Why spend £30 to £40 on one palette when you can spend £16 on 4? Yep you read that right, £16 on 4 palettes or £4 each if you just want the one. Not only that but these palettes are the exact dupes for a couple of higher end, popular palettes..Makeup revolution have done it again. *claps* !

When I heard about these 4 palettes and I saw swatches all over my Instagram feed I couldn’t quite get over it. These palettes looked identical to the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance and Subculture ones, as well as the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette which was one of THE most popular palettes to own in 2017. Not only did they look identical but you actually get more shades in the revolution with 15 colours compared to the other palettes, And they’re only £4?!? *bows down*. You can purchase these palettes from either Superdrug online or in store and also on Tam Beauty.

The Palettes

Iconic Division


Does this palette remind you of any particular one? It’s the exact dupe for ABH Subculture. Do you recognise the shimmer green? *jumps up and down with excitement*. The Subculture is one of the only palettes I haven’t managed to buy yet so I can’t test these against each other but judging by the swatches I’ve done, the revolution pigment seems really good.


Does the revolution beat the Subculture? Well when applying these to my arm to swatch, there was quite a bit of fall out. However for £4 what do you expect?! I think the shades are pretty much identical (judging from photos) and the pigment is really good. The colours I chose to wear on my eyes did last all day too. I would still want to buy the Subculture just to test though. There is enough shades in this palette to mix and create different looks too which is amazing considering the price.


Iconic Fever


Neutrals? Check, fire reds? Check, Urban Decay Heat palette for £4? Check. I have the Urban Decay and seriously the colours are identical, although with MUR you get a few added shades including a beautiful orange.


Testing this palette against the Urban Decay was interesting. I managed to create the exact same look on different eyes. Again with the MUR there was fall out but once you wipe it away you can’t tell. I will do a blog post soon on both of these palettes together just to show you how identical they really are.  I honestly can’t get over how you can get a £40 palette for £4…
I’m obsessed with the shimmer shades in this palette they just look beautiful. I also feel that the Reloaded palette is actually more vibrant than the Urban Decay Heat one, there’s a few shades that really stand out including an amazing rose gold one.


Iconic Vitality


The dupe for the popular, best selling Modern Renaissance palette. These shades are identical, you have the pastels, the neutrals, the shimmers and the brights all in one amazing palette for £4.


I have been using the shimmer champagne nude shade (primavera in ABH) a lot recently as a shade for cut creases or to brighten my inner corners, I just think it’s a beautiful colour. Again this palette has so many different shades and textures that you really can create a variety of looks.


Newtrals 2


The perfect palette for warm tone lovers. Full of beautiful red and neutral colours, shimmers and mattes, there’s also a stunning brown with micro glitter on the top row. This is the next stage to the Neutrals VS Newtrals palette which is the original, as you know it was full of pastels and neutral shades, I feel MUR have upped their game with the Newtrals 2 as the shades seem more bolder.


My favourite colour has to be the middle of the second row which is a stunning shimmer, it really does create a beautiful look and blends so easily. The white is actually a matte which you can never normally find and is perfect for creating ombré effects. I can see this palette being perfect in summer as the red tones will look amazing in the sunset with a tan, and for £4 you can’t go wrong.


I honestly think these palettes are amazing, you get 15 different shades in each that you can create different looks with as there are shimmers, glitters and mattes all within them. Not only are these palettes dupes for top brands, good pigment and have lovely shades but they are also the perfect size for travelling with too. The only downside is they do not have a mirror in them. My favourite that I am using most is the Iconic Fever but as I said above, I see myself using the Newtrals 2 in summer.

Which is your favourite Palette?



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