Cover, Conceal, Contour.

What is your favourite type of foundation? Creamy, liquid, powder? I’ve never really liked cream foundations before as my skin doesn’t seem to let them blend as well as liquid does. I have a combination skin of an oily forehead and then dry around my nose and under eyes so I usually mix two foundations which are the Maybelline Superstay 24 hour and the LA Girl illuminating HD.

Loreal have brought out a new Infallible range including primers and foundation sticks. The Shaping Sticks come in 12 shades, I don’t think that’s enough shades in today’s market so I hope they bring out more to accommodate for all skin tones. The foundation Shaping Stick is said to be high-pigmented and last for 24 hours. You can purchase these for £8.99 from many beauty retailers.


I like the packaging. Simple black and white with a silver background look to it with see through lid so you can see the product colour. On inspecting the foundation sticks, I noticed there wasn’t any information on the ingredients used which I personally thought was a must in cosmetics and the used by (24 months) was placed on the lid which I didn’t think was suitable incase someone was to loose the lid. I’ve also noticed they have spelt the infallible wrong and have spelt it infaillible. In the foundation there is 9g of product which I think is really good value for money. The primer comes with 20ml, the used by (12 months) is placed on the actual product instead of the lid and comes with information on the ingredients used.



I wanted to try a primer first to make my review as fair as I could. There is quite a few primers to choose from but I decided on the Pore Refining Primer as I have bad pores around my nose, middle forehead and cheek bones. I could also compare it to the Benefit Porefessional as that’s a favourite of mine.


On first impressions the product doesn’t seem as thick as the Benefit one and didn’t blend as nicely either. It actually gave my skin a pink tone too instead of Benefits natural colour. I could see my pores weren’t as covered as I would like so had to apply a few times. I doubt I’ll be using this primer again unfortunately but open to trying the other primers in the range.



I went for the shade 160 Sand. Sand is usually my colour match so it was easy for me to decide on. When applying I decided to draw a few patches on my skin then blend with my beauty blender. This foundation is meant to be matte but it actually looks dewy on and didn’t seem as matte as my Maybelline Superstay. The product blended really easily but I didn’t feel it was matte enough for the forehead which is oily. I put on another coat just to make it blend evenly and give a good coverage.



Here are images of me applying the foundation stick and the result after blending the two layers.

My Thoughts.

The foundation stick is nice and blendible, however I don’t think I’ll be replacing it for my other foundations. It felt lightweight on my skin and was a really good colour match though. The foundation also didn’t last all day as by the end of the day I could see patches, I’m not sure if I would of needed another coat to stop this. I’m gutted I didn’t love this product.



For my contour stick, I picked the colour 210 Cappuccino as I felt the colour wasn’t too dark and would give a nice natural contour. I usually use powder to contour with as I find creams and liquids can sometimes give a ‘muddy’ look. Again the product applied really easily and was blendable. The nose was a little bit harder to do because of the size of the circle on the top of the stick but once I worked it out it looked really good.


Before blending out the product. I used my Makeup Revolution concealer as the highlight as I didn’t pick up a light shade in the foundation sticks.

My Thoughts.

I actually really loved my contour and was pleased with the result. It made my contour look much sharper but still natural because of the colour. It was so easy to blend out and I will definitely be using this again.


Blending the contour with my beauty blender. Slightly blurred as these shots are stills from a video.

Overall the primer and the foundation weren’t really for me as I feel I have products that work on me better, this is just a personal preference. The contour stick I’m obsessed with though and will be purchasing again.


Without flash, shade Sand and Cappuccino


With Flash – Sand and Cappuccino


Overall finished look.

I’m disappointed I din’t love the foundation as I was so excited to try it and see if I can move away from Liquid Foundations, I wanted to try a few more expensive brands too however I’m just not sure my skin will agree with them. Let me know if you’ve tried these and what you think about them. What other brands of foundation sticks have you been using too?




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