Kim K.W Vibes

Who doesn’t love Primark? I could go on and on about the reasons why Primark is a current favourite of mine and they just seem to up their game every time I go there. Whether it’s the amazing home selection or the large choice of affordable decent clothes.

One section in particular that I could shout about is their makeup section. It is like visiting dupe city with the Lipkits, the chocolate and peach palettes, the eyebrows pencils and then came the Nude Collection. Wow.

I did want to pick up the Kim K W style contour kit however after watching a few YouTube reviews apparently there was only one shade so I didn’t want to risk it, instead I went with the shimmer, the lipkit and the mini eyeshadow palette. My local Primark is small and doesn’t have much going for it compared to the larger stores which are a 30minute drive away so these are the only products there that were worth grabbing.

The Eyeshadow Palette

I love the look of this palette, the shades are all natural beautiful tones that you can easily wear day or night time. The pigment is actually really good, I’ve been wearing the lighter shades to work just as a quick and easy all over colour. The eyeshadow lasts through the day too which is amazing considering the palette was only around £5 (I think!). I was unable to do swatches as being nudes you literally couldn’t tell much difference on my arm, I either need better lighting or a better camera haha.


The negatives are that there is no shade names and that the palette is literally just cardboard type material with no mirror, but then what do you expect for the price. Also when purchasing Primark palettes, my advice would be to make sure there is a sealed one and to check them all for the less dirty one as for some reason people seem to like trying out all the palettes and not just the ‘Tester’ one.

Body Shimmer Dust

Ok who doesn’t want to be a shimmer queen and shine like the goddess you are! This is honestly so beautiful! I can see me using it a lot when I go out..out and to highlight my skin for a healthy looking glow. I love the fact it comes with a puff too as it’s so pretty.


I do have a confession though lols.. basically when I opened this, I didn’t see the plastic sticker that you just peel off so you can get the shimmer through the holes, so I awkwardly took it apart and wondered how the holes worked, do not make the same mistake haha!

Lipkit In Shade: Thrill Seeker


I got the shade Thrill Seeker which I picked because it seemed like the perfect nude colour. As I’ve mentioned tones of times now I LOVE Nude lips as they literally go with anything.

The lip liner is so creamy and lovely and didn’t feel like it was scratching my face or took any work to apply.


The lipstick however I’m not too sure about, i struggle with mattes which is annoying as I love the fact mattes last and look amazing. I could either find them quite creamy and still have good pigment or just really drying. This lipstick unfortunately fell into the drying category even after exfoliating my lips and putting balm on before to make them softer. It did last though and didn’t transfer onto my glass when drinking or come off once I had eaten.


There is a larger eyeshadow palette which I would love to grab when I go to the bigger store and see what else is in the collection to try too. If you have any recommendations from the Primark Nude collection then please let me know!



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