Sugar Lips.

Shout out to my UK readers, I have found something you might want to grab! Let’s be honest, this weather is awful, my car currently has two coats, two thick jumpers, some sunglasses, sandals, boots, gloves, a scarf, sliders and a baker boy hat in it and that just about covers a week in the UK lol. Seriously though with the weather constantly changing like this, it’s effects your skin and what most people forget about, your lips.

If you are like me where you just don’t have time to make home solutions and just want a on the go product to help with dry lips then Milani have sorted us out! Introducing the secret, Sugar Lip Scrub. It is the perfect size to carry in your handbag and whip out when you need it, whether you are sitting at your desk at work, watching endless episodes on Netflix, out shopping or at the gym (lols).


I managed to purchase this little pot of joy on Beauty Bay for £9 and you get 12g which I thought was amazing considering how much better my lips feel, I was suffering with flu the week before I purchased this lip scrub and my lips looked awful, especially when I wanted to wear a matte product. You only need to use a tiny amount too which means this pot should last for a while. There is also a treatment you can buy called the Lip Treatment from Milani which helps keep your lips soft, I will be purchasing it as I love this product.


I really like Milani’s packaging, the gold and soft pinks just looks girly and inviting. The smell of this scrub is gorgeous, it’s just a really nice sweet smell that reminds me of sherbet. The feel of the scrub just feels like sugar and isn’t too rough at all, I would recommend putting the smallest amount on your lips to start with and then you can build up to the amount you need, instead of putting too much and ending up with too much to rub off. After you have finished with the scrub, just tissue off the rest of the scrub and apply a lip balm over it, you will honestly feel the difference. I’ve also found that this gorgeous lip scrub can be used for other areas of your skin on the go too, how amazing is that?!

Do you have any secret go to products that have saved you from the awful spring we are having?


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