Glow Obsession.

I am forever trying to find new brands and new makeup to be obsessed with, so when I saw that Obsession Makeup London had palettes in marble patterns I just needed to try them, and not just for the insta worthy photos! 

Obsession Makeup London so far have a contour, highlight and eyeshadow palette available in different marble colours, I chose to go for the highlight palette as the eyeshadow was unfortunately out of stock and to be honest who doesn’t want to try new ways to glow. 

I ordered the palette ‘Obsession Obsessive Lights’ from Revolution Beauty for £12 along with a few other products from the site, the delivery is slow, I think it took around four to five days to arrive with no option of next day delivery which is frustrating when you just want to get your hands on them, so keep that in mind when you order from the site. 


When the palette arrived, it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be which is good as the amount of product you get is actually reasonable. It comes with eight different highlight shades in the following:


I love the packaging of the palette, a beautiful light marble. There is a plastic sleeve with the words Obsession Makeup in a Rose Gold, I would say I am slightly disappointed that the writing isn’t on the actual palette itself as if I was to loose the sleeve you couldn’t tell what brand the palette is. There is a large mirror inside, however after taking the plastic off I noticed the mirror is offset and looks blurred so you wouldn’t be able to use it, I’m not sure if that’s just a fault in my palette or if they are all like it. 

The shade range it stunning and offers a highlight for all skin tones which is a key factor when making products now. I doubt I will be able to ever get away with wearing the darkest shades so I’m going to keep those for a shimmer eyeshadow instead. 

The highlight is actually really pigmented, from the photos below you can see in just one swipe how good the highlight is. When the sunlight hits it you can notice there’s glitter sparks in the shadow too which is stunning. 

09EE894A-693C-4A55-B450-293F7A73842CColour range in order: Seduction, Just A Fling, Smitten, Skinny Dip.

BB5BE023-C8BF-43F1-9C95-269023BCA9CAColour range in order: Honey Trap, Thrill Seeker, Prenup, Trouble Maker.

I mostly wear the colours Seduction which looks like a stunning champagne colour, Just A Fling which is more of a Rose Gold and Smitten which is a beautiful pinky tone. I find that the highlight does last during the day without a need to go over it. I like to add the powder on top of my liquid highlight too to create an intense glow for evenings out. 

The Obsession Makeup London palette has actually surprised me in how beautiful it is and I have already recommended the palette to friends. The palette looks stunning on my makeup dresser because of the marble and for the price it’s really good! I would love to try the eyeshadow palette now too. 


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