No Trouble.

Do you see what I did there?… yeah, I am a massive cringe lol! It’s the bank holiday weekend! *does a silly celebration dance* by the way how quickly is this year going? It’s crazy! It feels like yesterday I was taking photos of the pretty snow while freezing cold…

Yep I know what you’re thinking, yet another Revolution review… oops! I am really late with this one, I’m sorry! I had bought the product maybe a week after it launched onto Revolution Beauty (previously Tam Beauty) website but decided to give a review after wearing for some time as foundations seem to change for me. After the success with the Conceal and Define Concealer and all the reviews rating how good the concealer is, Revolution stepped up the game by releasing Fast Base foundation sticks! 


The Packaging

I really like the design of the Foundation’s packaging. It’s a simple nude stick with rose gold lining and Revolution written in rose gold on the side. The foundation stick looks very sleek, more expensive than it is and with 18 Shades including undertones to choose from. The size of the stick is actually perfect, you can still pop it into your handbag for if you need to top up on the go or if you are travelling.

You can purchase the Fast Base Foundation sticks from either Superdrug or Revolution Beauty for £5. I went for shade F6 as I am normally a Sand colour and felt that looked nearest to my shade. After trying, luckily it was the correct shade for me.



As I mentioned in my previous post about foundation sticks with L’Oréal, I’ve never been a huge fan as when I had really dry skin the creamy formula never blended properly. However this foundation stick I find extremely bendable and actually sinks into my skin lovely. I use a daily moisture and Laura Mercia primer before applying and found the stick worked really well.


Before applying foundation.

I wore the foundation for the whole day and found that most of my face didn’t need topping up, apart from my shiny forehead which I think is just a personal problem of mine. The foundation hasn’t spread or come off in patches, it just looked the same as when I applied it. I tried with setting the base and without and there wasn’t much difference at all. Yes!! 


Applying the foundation.

I’ve had this product for quite a while now, and even though I do really like it. I find I’m still sticking with my liquid foundation most of the time and use this cream foundation when I know I need to wear my makeup for a long day. 


After applying foundation.



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