The Hilton Imperial Hotel & Dubrovnik City

‘The Pearl Of The Adriatic’

Last week my friend Charlotte and I were very lucky to be given the opportunity to stay at the five star Hilton Imperial in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Croatia has been top of my bucket list for a while and this city was one place I really wanted to see. 

For Luxuria Lifestyle Magazine:

The Hilton Imperial History

This incredible hotel was first built in 1897 and proudly presents the finest hotel in the region. It was the first hotel with modern amenities such as elevators, running hot water and electricity. This year the Hilton Imperial Dubrovnik has been refurbished in the executive lounge, the rooms and the imperial bar and lounge and I can honestly say it’s beautiful.


Outside the Hilton Imperial Hotel at night

We arrived on Tuesday 29th in the morning. Our transfer dropped us outside the hotel and you’re instantly stunned at the location. The Hilton Imperial is situated in the heart of the Old Town, just a minute walk from the City Walls and the Lovrijenac Fortress which if you are a Games Of Thrones fan you would recognise as the Red Keep in Kings Landing. 


The beautiful lights in the reception

We were greeted inside by the lovely reception team and the beautiful Mia who showed us around the bar area, the lounge and the executive lounge which has complimentary snacks and drinks available throughout the day. The hotel is luscious with large arch doorways, marble tables and an Art Deco feel. We were able to try Mia’s favourite cocktail from the menu which was really refreshing and reminded me of a mojito. 

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The Imperial Bar and Lounge

We then checked into our room and was stunned with how charming it was. The Hilton Imperial have really thought about the little details in their refurbishment. The room had a balcony too with views of the City Wall and Mt Srd with the Memorial Cross and Cable Cars. The bed seemed really comfy with two pillows and chocolates. The room was air conditioned, and had complimentary water plus a mini fridge with a menu of prices. 

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The Bedroom and Balcony View

I love the colours of the room, it reminded me of stepping back in time with the Art Deco design but with a modern twist. Art Deco has to be one of my favourite styles, as it combines modernist styles with rich materials representing luxury and glamour.

The Old Town

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The Old Town inside of the City Walls

It was time to start exploring the city. The city walls was just a minute walk away from the Hotel. The city was just how I imagined it, paved with stone and character charms from every direction. We took a look at the bars, marina, gelato shops, and even found a bar with the most amazing view of the sea. After an afternoon of walking around the city, we decided to go back to the hotel and spend some time in the executive lounge before getting ready to see the sunset from the cable cars. 

The Executive Lounge

The executive lounge has a delicious selection of meats, salads and tapas dishes along with a large selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks to help yourself too. The decor is perfect, Black and white marble tables with grey armchairs, green sofas and grey cushions. The atmosphere is friendly as soon as you walk into the door, you are greeted by a member of staff who is keeping the snacks and drink topped up regularly.


The choice of food and drinks available in the Executive lounge

Evening Views

The cable cars run until 10pm and cost €20 or 150 kunas for a round trip. We got told by Mia and read on reviews that the best time to go was sunset so you can see the city lights and they were right, the views were unbelievable. There are a few restaurants at the top too with views looking down to the city. The cable cars are situated just a five minute walk away from the Hilton Imperial. 

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The views from the cable car and at the top of Mt Srd

After an amazing sleep in a comfy bed we wanted to try the buffet breakfast. The choice of food had everything you could think of, from cooked breakfast, selections of meats and cheeses, cereal, fresh fruit and breads. You can choose to sit outside on the terrace area among the lovely trees or inside in the lovely restaurant which hasn’t been refurbished yet but I found still felt inviting. 

I wanted to check out the wellness area so we took a lift down to the lowest level where the gym, spa and pool are. The pool has a charming window above so natural light sparkles across the water. The sauna was the perfect temperature and had a lot of space. Unfortunately we were unable to check out the spa treatments as we had too many activities planned but I did take a sneak peak at the spa area and it was luscious with white stones and dark wood surrounded by art. 

The City Walls

We spent the second day exploring the City Walls which cost €20 or 150 kunas for an adult. This allows you to spend as much time as you wish on the walls. We walked around the whole route taking in the breathtaking surroundings of the city while enjoying the perfect weather.

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Hilton Imperial Restaurant

In the evening we wanted to try out the Hilton imperial food menu so after a few proseccos in the luxury executive lounge we made our way down to the restaurant which is situated the lower floor. When you get to the bottom of the stairs, you are greeted by a stunning piano. This is the Hilton Imperial original piano.

Our lovely waitress took us outside to be seated and offered us a glass of gorgeous white wine. I ordered the Milk Marinated Chicken Thighs with Buttered Seasoned Vegitables and Spinach Puree and my friend ordered the Black Angus Beef Fillet with Roasted Vegitables, Corn Puree and Bordelaise Sauce. The food arrived quite quickly and was cooked exceptionally well, I enjoyed how tender the chicken was. My friend mentioned how delicious her steak was. The staff were all so professional and enjoyed conversations about the city and advice on where to go in the evening. Once we had finished our meal we made our way to the famous cave bar.


The Cave Bar More

The Cave Bar More is located in the newer part of Dubrovnik just a short car journey away and is honestly stunning. It’s spread across three floors and is lined with spot lights. We then traveled back to The Old Town to explore the city at night and see the old town lit up.


The Old Town at night

The following morning we had our breakfast and then it was time to leave. I can’t wait to come visit this beautiful hotel again. I have already mentioned to friends wanting to visit Dubrovnik about this hotel and will continue to do so. Thank you to all the professional and friendly staff for making our stay as perfect as it was.

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