Yachts Of Fun On Boat Week 2018

Oblique Crews Week In The Sporades

Picture this, you’re travelling around a gorgeous island in Greece with friends you’ve just made, eating and drinking the local delicacies while making memories before partying in the evening. Sounds amazing right? Now stop dreaming. Although this wasn’t a dream. My friend Coral and I were lucky to be invited to the Oblique boat week 2018.

So.. you’re asking who are Oblique and why wasn’t you told about this wonderful boat week?. Oblique London are an exclusive members only community. Founded by the three Sumaria brothers, they have grown to have a community of over 300 members and counting with daily activities available from meeting in cool bars, still drawings, yoga and fitness classes, visiting galleries and restaurants and much more. It’s a great way to meet like minded, fun people in London and become a large family. You can also get exclusive discounts everyday with one of their 65 partners throughout London.

Oblique Boat Week.

Started in 2016 this is the third boat trip Oblique have organised. It’s a week long trip where you get to stay on either a 50.5 ft yacht or a Catamaran and travel around the Sporades islands in Greece. Rumour has it next year it’ll be in a different part of Greece 😉. Ageing from 22 to 39 we had a great group of 16 people with 11 different nationalities plus two awesome skippers and a host who looked after us for the week.

I honestly had no clue where to start with writing about this trip as so many activities and fun memories keep replaying in my head but let’s start from the beginning. We took a midday flight to Skiathos on Friday 6th July with three other people from our group and met everyone else at the Alkyon hotel which is about 5 minuets away from the airport. The first night we stayed in the hotel and I can recommend it highly as it’s on the marina and a two minute walk away from the main town. That night we went for food at a restaurant, which served all local Greek food that tasted so good, we had a meze between the table so we’re able to try each of the dishes. We then found a bar called The Borzoi Club which I highly recommend as it has an outside seating area in a pretty terrace area and then an indoor nightclub.

The following day we were able to explore Skiathos town before boarding our yacht late afternoon. The yacht itself was much bigger than I thought it would be, it had four double bedrooms, a room with a bunk bed and a den room at the back, plus three bathrooms (two of which were ensuite), with a kitchen and living area in the middle.

We docked up in a cove the other side of Skopelos ready for sunset yoga on a private beach and a traditional Greek meal.


After waking up to a beautiful sunrise, we went to Alonnisos in the newer part of town. We had arranged a hike with a local lady who took us around secluded parts of the town where you saw the most incredible views and private beaches. In the evening we went to the old town which was a 20 minutes drive away. We explored and all separated for our meals as there was so much to choose from, two of the girls and I decided on a lovely restaurant at the top of the hill. The group then all met up at the piano bar at the top of the hill which was playing live Greek music, apparently the sunset view here is stunning but unfortunately we missed it. After a few hours we headed back to the port where there is a popular nightclub called The Drunk Seal that goes on until the early morning. I managed to stay awake for the sunrise which was so beautiful. The next morning some of the group went off to go diving and snorkeling.

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The next stop was another part of Alonissos which is a small port, this has a restaurant that serves the most amazing seafood. There was dancing from all the locals too. We decided to stock up on food as apparently our next stop was in a cove that wouldn’t have any shops local to us.

I am so grateful for our next destination. It was in a cove in the middle of the sea that had no phone signal. You might think we were mad, but the views at night were out of this world as after the slight rain we had had disappeared, all you could see were the stars lighting up the sky, including shooting stars. We sat up talking to eachother and star gazed. It was perfect. Unfortunately no matter how much you tried the cameras couldn’t pick up the stars.

Morning has arrived and it was time to move on and connect with the world again. We found a small beach which had an inflatable assault course and a little cafe to stop at. I believe this was in Nisos which is still in Alonissos. Our next stop was to visit a shipwreck.

This shipwreck is in Peristera island near Alonissos and is in the sea. Our skipper believes the shipwreck to of been there for about 30 years. This little cove is stunning with clear water that you could see the bottom too. Everyone got on the floats and jumped in and most the girls were wearing Aziina swimwear which is a Greek homemade design that is beautiful. We stayed there that night and as we were the only boats we decided to have a boat party where we just danced and sang the whole night. Again that evening the stars were beautiful and laying on the catamaran trampoline looking up at the sky ended the night perfectly.


It was time to go back to mainland so we headed to Skopelos! We had booked a restaurant called Agnanti in the old town which is gorgeous. From every direction was old stones, narrow streets and incredible views of the sea. The restaurant itself had the best view of the sea so we could watch the sunset. This town was about a forty five minutes coach drive from the port but it’s worth visiting if you get the chance. When we got back to the port we wanted to watch the England game so found a nice bar and then partied the night away after (despite England’s loss).


It was our last full day and so we wanted to make the most of it, and what better way than visiting the famous Mamma Mia cliff. Around 200 stairs to climb (warning, they get steeper the higher you get) you are greeted by the famous white church that was in the wedding scene and a large tree with a bell that you ring. The views from the top are outstanding. On the way back down we noticed there was rubbish laying on the rocks which have either been swept up from the ocean or left there from tourists. The Oblique Crew decided to help out and pick up the rubbish, another amazing team effort from the members in the Oblique family.

The last destination on our trip before heading back to Skiathos town was a stunning beach on the other side of Skiathos. The beach had a line of bars and golden sand with a random black swan swimming around. Our last evening was spent on the boats by having a boat party. The skipper had a disco ball and we put on cheesy music to have a dance with, we sang, we drank and laughed. It was that moment I took a second to myself to realise how lucky I was to share this trip with great people from all different backgrounds who I wouldn’t of met if it wasn’t for Oblique and Luxuria.

We ended our trip back in Skiathos and said our goodbyes while people had different flights. The Oblique brothers have already confirmed we are having a reunion night soon and I can’t wait to reconnect with all the inspiring people I spent the most perfect week with. Thank you to the Oblique brothers and Luxuria Lifestyle for a trip of a lifetime. I would recommend anyone to jump on board boat week 2019.

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  1. I love the name of this post 😂😂 Greek food is sooooo good! Tzatziki is my fav thing in the world now 🙊 looks like a fab holiday… Ps you look 🔥🔥🔥


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