Eyebrows Are The One Thing You Can Get In Shape Without Exercising.

Who gets the award for being the worst blogger probably ever? I’m sorry it’s been a while, I could tell you excuse after excuse on why I haven’t blogged but to be honest this is just who I am as a person and I have no excuses. However I’m back, with new makeup so get excited!

If you ask a group of women their favourite makeup brand for brow products, I’m guessing 90% of them will say Benefit, me included. Benefit are known for their famous brow products from ka – brow (a personal fave of mine), brow wiz and that all important Gimme Brow which I nearly had a breakdown over when they discontinued it over last Christmas.

Could they come out with anymore exciting brow product? Yes, yes they can. Benefit has upped the brow world with a four in one pencil, yep you read that right. Four products for the price of one. I honestly felt like they were spoiling us… love you Benebabes!

Available in five different shades ranging from fair to dark this pencil is designed to give you a ombré brow with a lighter and darker shade, highlight and concealer. It’s also the perfect size to take on the go too! Dream. Come. True.

Benefit have kept the design to their silver and simple trend which I love. The pencil reminds me of those pens you used to have at school with the different colours making the product have a fun feel to it. It’s honestly the most simplistic yet fantastic design ever! If only I thought of it and would be rich beyond my wildest dreams instead of eating biscuits in bed watching some strange conspiracy theory on Netflix right now.

I went for the Brown-Black Light shade as my eyebrows are quite dark naturally. I pushed the button down to start trying it out. I found it quite fiddly at first as I’m used to thin eyebrow pencils and couldn’t get used to holding the thicker pencil, but once you get the angle right it’s pretty simple. You are supposed to start with the lighter shade first, then the darker shade, concealer and end on highlight.

The concealer matched my skin perfectly and was so much easier to line my brow with than using my normal method of a brush. I found I could line the Brown right in the arch with the pencil.

The highlight gives a beautiful glow on the arch of the brows and again was easy to apply. You just run the pencil along where you need it and then smudge out with a small brush.

I have found that I do still need to shade in with my ka-brow pomade after as the pen can’t reach all the gaps I need it to but for a perfect contoured brow product on the go I would definitely recommend. As I mentioned earlier, Benefit has always been a favourite of mine for brow products as they give that sharp look I LOVE and this has just added to the list of my must haves.

May we all continue to have ‘fleeky’ brows. Yay!

3 thoughts on “EAT, SLEEP, BROWS, REPEAT.

  1. I’ve had my eye on this new product ever since the release date. I think I might be one of the last people on Earth to try Benefit’s brow products, but I just added it to my cart on Ulta’s site. lol fingers crossed that I love it hah
    nice post girl !


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