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Hello and welcome to my Wonderland of glam. I’m Kirstie, 20 something and from Kent in the United Kingdom and I’m obsessed with makeup and skin care. I am forever buying new products and trying out different looks so what better way to share my reviews than in my own personal blog.

Being qualified in makeup, I like to think I have some knowledge in products, however the beauty industry is so big and forever changing that there’s always new techniques to learn and new products that are improving, which is the thing I love about beauty. There is no right or wrong as you are able to experiment and be as creative as you like.

This blog is going to be aimed at trying new brands, the latest products everyone is talking about, fashion and beauty hauls, the best dupes and my all time favourite products. I also have my own travel business so will take you on a few travels and events too. Come and join me!

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